Watson Assistant Chatbot for SAP Cloud Platform

IBM Watson Assistant is the conversational AI service on the IBM Cloud that can be used to create chatbots or assistants. As the SAP Cloud Platform offers a Node.js runtime I thought why not try out an existing tutorial on SCP.

If you are a SAP developer and want to familarize yourself with the Watson Assistant service and Node.js you can check out this repo. It has a simple and rather technical front-end that shows you what Watson understands.

To understand or modify the dialog – including available intents and entities – you’d need to launch the Watson Assistant service.

More advanced use cases are possible, e.g. a Fiori frontend or programatic calls of external systems via webhooks. If you want to use ABAP instead you should have a look at this blog (runs on on-prem SAP systems, however, at the time of writing).

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